Home Window Tinting Across Adelaide, Perth & Regional WA

What is home window tinting?

Home window tinting is a thin laminate film that can be adhered to the windows in your home to create a protective layer over the glass. The film naturally strengthens and protects the glass, as well as providing more privacy and a stylised look for your home.

Tint Works provides home window tinting for all types of residential homes, from houses, to apartments, to units and multi-storey buildings. We can also provide window tinting for sheds, cubby houses and more!

Home Window Tinting

What are the benefits of home window tinting?

Home window tinting provides privacy in your home but is also an economical way of adding extra insulation to your home. Window tinting reflects a large proportion of UV rays from the sun which not only keeps your home cooler but also saves money on electricity bills in cooling your home. Home window tinting also provides protection for your family and furniture. It stops the sun’s rays from damaging your furniture by bleaching the colours and fading paints, fabrics and wood stains. Tint Works home tinting also protects your family from harmful UV rays that can cause skin and eye damage.

Benefits of home window tinting:

  • Reduce and/or prevent glare from harmful UV rays
  • Reduce heating of home from the sun
  • Save on home cooling costs
  • Create privacy
  • Add security and safety
  • Stylise your home

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