Looking For The Darkest Legal Car Window Tint?

Are you looking for a darker window tint/film for your car? Before you decide what window tint you would like in your research please give us a call. The legal restrictions in each state of Australia are different & they do change from time to time as well. So the darkest legal tint of 2020 may be different to 2021. So give our experts a call at whichever store is closer to you. This website might help in working out the tint for your car in your state.

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Darkest Legal Car Window Tinting in Adelaide & Perth
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Benefits of getting darker Car Window Tinting in Australia

  • Reduces the UV into the car which is important in Australia, especially if you have a young family.
  • Your air conditioner & heater doesn’t need to work as hard, to cool down or maintain temperature. 
  • Reduces glare and strain on your eyes 
  • Ads a level of security making it hard for people to see inside your car. (Privacy)
  • By having tinted windows you can protect the inside of the car, so your leather, cloth, driving console, etc, from sun damage
  • Plus who hates a hot steering wheel? With a window tint, you can reduce this sting.

Lately, we have had a lot of young families opting for the darkest window tint possible to protect their children’s eyes & skin from the sun. 

The shade cloths that come with some models of cars just don’t provide the range of protection, and the images below show what we mean. Most of them never seem to reach the edge of the windows. Most of them don’t actually block out the heat or intensity of the sun either. 

This is why we see a lot of people opting for quality dark protective window film. 

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