What is window film and how does it save on energy bills?

Window film or window tint is a micro-thin material which allows adequate sunlight with less heat and UV rays passing through it. When applied to the interior of your windows or glass, the film acts as an ‘invisible shield’ that rejects up to 83% of the sun’s heat. Which is great for your home in summer. It keeps your home cooler whilst in winter, window film helps retain heat for that cozy feeling.

What advantages will window tinting my home have?

  • Solar heat reduction and UV protection
  • Enhances the appearance of your home from the outside
  • Added privacy
  • Reduces energy bills and helps the environment
  • Installation is simple with no mess

Will the window tint reduce the glare on my tv, computer & phone screens?

100% the window tint & film used will significantly reduce the glare on all screens inside your home. Depending on where you live you may need a higher strength window tint. For example, if you live along with the coast or in the hills and have direct sunlight setting through your windows then the glare would be more and require a higher % of tint.

Window film for home privacy – what about at night?

Like to have your windows clear of blinds or curtains during the day? – by using a dark or mirrored window film you are able to enjoy the outside view from inside without anyone being able to see inside. At night you simply use your blinds or curtains to achieve your privacy.

Should you need to add privacy to say bathroom windows while still allowing light into the room – frosted (opaque) glass may be the solution.

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How long does window film last? Can they be removed?

Most window films are designed to last from ten years to a lifetime, this all depends on the quality of the product being used or that you the client picks.

Window films are designed and manufactured to specifications that guarantee that they will not peel off from your glass. However, if desired, they can be removed by a professional and your glass will be left in its original condition.