Safety and Security

SafetyZone safety and security window films adhere to the interior of the glass to act as protective layers to help secure shards and splinters if the glass should shatter. Safety film is manufactured from single or multiple layers of tough, optically clear polyester film laminated together in a variety of constructions. One side of the film is coated with an extremely powerful adhesive formula that is applied to the interior surface of the glass, whilst the exterior (room facing) side is protected with a special scratch-resistant coating.

Tint Works Safety and security range is regularly specified in a large range of applications. The thinner 100 micron film has passed the AS 2208 safety glass and the thicker 175 micron film is used in cyclone prone areas in accordance with AS 1170 part cyclone impact test 2001.

Tint Works carries the same range of film that currently protects our countries leaders at the parliament house in Canberra and the most of our embassies around the world. To protect against attacks from terrorists our films are applied to the glass along with enhancements to the frames, so bombs don’t let glass cause the damage they normally would in these circumstances.