UV Index

This page presents current UV levels for major population centres in Australia, adjusted for daylight saving if applicable. The UV data is collected continuously by detectors that respond to UV in a similar manner to human skin. This web page is updated with the latest measured UV levels every minute between 6AM and 8PM.

The blue numbers are the current UV levels for each city. The green numbers represent the maximum UV levels recorded so far for the day. The colour of each city changes to show the current UV level at that location. Refer to the colour key below. UV levels depend on lattitude, time of year, ozone levels and local atmospheric conditions. There is a self-refreshing version of this page that displays the map only.


What the UV levels mean

The UV level can be related to ultraviolet radiation exposure as follows:

UV Level Exposure Risk Colour Code Sun Protection Measures
2 or less Low  green.jpg You can safely stay outdoors with minimal protection.
3 to 5 Moderate yellow.jpg Wear sun protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and seek shady areas
6 to 7 High orange.jpg As above
8 to 10 Very High red.jpg As above
11 or higher Extreme purple.jpg As above

More information and current UV data can be found on the ARPANSA website.

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