Energy Efficiency

Tint Works films comply with the Window Energy Rated Scheme (WERS); which enables windows were the film has being installed to be rated and labeled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate in Australia.

The WERS scheme operates on three levels to convey information about the energy performance of custom-rated windows and skylights–

  • Star ratings for heating and cooling
  • Indicative % reduction in heating and cooling needs and interior fading damage
  • Thermal, solar and optical performance data

The WERS scheme allows manufacturers to assist energy raters, window specifiers and consumers in the selection of the most energy efficient Windows for a home and support those who need to know if the window will enhance or degrade the house in energy and comfort terms. Energy efficient windows offer significant benefits to house owners and occupants. In addition to reducing energy costs and green house gas emissions, a properly selected window plays an important role in improving a homeowner’s comfort and well being.

That’s why Tint Works films can improve your window ratings by reducing the glare and heat transmittance in summer and maintain the house heating in winter. Consult your Tint Works dealer now and get your windows tinted today!