Let the Light Shine, Keep Prying Eyes Out

Gerry Wagner | 3/02/2016

Privacy is not just a luxury — it is your personal right. Sometimes, you feel that your neighbours are too close for your comfort. Whenever you walk out of the bathroom, you feel as if you need to duck down every time. It is annoying but it is something you have to live with everyday.

Fortunately, some easy measures are at hand. Low-cost privacy treatments for your windows offer permanent solutions that protect your privacy while allowing plenty of daylight.

Spray-on Frosting for Windows

Give your window that frosted look while keeping neighbours out with some aerosol cans. Your nearby home improvement store centre and hardware stores most likely supply these spray-on frosted finishes. You can also choose from the variety of translucent colours available.

Make sure to clean the interior first before spraying. A well-ventilated area and application of thin and even coats also reduces drips. You can also remove some leftover spray-on frosts by scraping the window with a blade.

Replacement Windows

For additional privacy, you can replace your windows with an acrylic or glass block window. The texture of these windows obscures your neighbour’s view while allowing enough light.

The weight of the glass blocks windows, causing it to be inoperable and permanently fixed. These are often less expensive than regular acrylic block windows of the same sizes. To complement the aesthetics of your home, glass blocks are also available in different colours.

Window Tinting Films

Your cars are not the only ones that can benefit from window tinting. Tints for your windows at home come in a variety of patterns, opacities, colours and shades. Some of the frosted films also contain shimmers, which mimics a frosted look that improves your windows. Other energy efficient window films also enhance your privacy while reduces the UV rays that enter your home.

Before you install your window films, clean the window glass first to prevent smudges or dust clinging to the film.

Tint Works offers a range window tints and films designed to protect your privacy and brighten your home at the same time. Browse through our products now and keep prying eyes from peering into your business now.

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