About Us

Tint Works is the most exciting thing to happen in our industry for quite some time. The group is primarily made up of what were SunGard window tinting superstores. SunGard previously had over 80 stores around Australia. Over the last couple of years and with the change of suppliers, due mainly to the GFC, we have rebranded the group to reflect the evolution of the company and its approach to offering the best products and service available. Tint Works will play an important role in allot of peoples life’s as we all become more aware of the benefits of window film like stopping harmful UV rays and saving our precious energy. Tint Works is also affiliated with the TintGard group of stores on the Eastern states of Australia.

All Tint Works Operators are members of the Window Film association of Australia and New Zealand. They are also Window Energy Rating System (WERS) accredited.